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How To Easily Increase Sales of Garden Centres with Email Mailing Lists




When we contemplate on planting a row of potted plants on our window sills or think about re-planting the kitchen garden in the backyard, we automatically head to our nearest centre because we know that we will find all that we need from seeds to watering cans, digging implements, and herbicides all under one roof. Indeed we are thrilled to discover that many garden centres have branched out to include household pets and interior products, such as furniture as well.


Looking at the situation from the other side of the table, the assortment of stocks kept by garden centres represents a golden opportunity to manufacturers and suppliers of these multifarious items. These businesses, most of them small to medium concerns, should collect the identities and addresses of the garden centres so that they can appropriately direct their communication and marketing efforts. When it comes to B2B communication, good quality address database and directory of garden centres plays a vital role. Using this, a small business can effectively establish contact with all the garden centres in a specified area to market its products and services. If the business owner needs to only send them email messages regarding his various offers, then he can go ahead and acquire an email mailing list.


Knowing who your potential customers are is half the battle won. Especially for small businesses that need to operate with so many constraints, it is impossible to afford the expense of advertising. Even direct mailers involve a substantial cost of printing and posting especially when compared to email that can be send in bulk at a very small cost. Sending promotional mail to specific addresses in an email mailing list of garden centres, ensures  your success. When the email contains the link to the business’s website it provides an additional opportunity of exposure of all the products and services at no extra cost. Using an email list is extremely advantageous when the geographical market coverage is large and too cumbersome for a sales team to cover properly without disturbing potential clients with repeated phone calls.


You will be amazed at the extent of information that a high quality address database and directory of garden centres can contain. With a little bit of effort on the computer, you can segment the database in several ways that leaves you with a large number of options for addressing your target customers. It is vital to address the concerns of the recipient; find out how you can best help them achieve something rather than telling them how great your products are. Since it is obvious that your marketing effort will be as good as the quality of the directory, make sure that you purchase the list or the address database only from reputed sources.

UK List Garden Centres

Insights on Garden Centres

Garden Centres retail an array of plants and garden products like trees, seeds, bulbs, and shrubs. Beyond that, the established stores try to retail plants that trend with consumers. The loyal customers come to the email list of Garden centres to look for curated plants. You will find lots of garden products to choose from as well as lots of ideas and inspirations.

According to Horticultural Trades Association 2016 data, it estimated the number of Garden Centres and retail nurseries in the UK.

To top it off, the demand for the growth of the sector has been fuelled by strong economic growth and high consumer confidence. Most UK consumers are very keen on changing part of their timeworn gardening tools. Here is the point the gardening centres market is set to change and product segment that drives growth.

These are key success factors for having a successful  Centre

  • Proximity to vital markets
  • The skill to control stock at hand
  • Have a strong market position
  • Maintain a beautiful garden

Works of art

Some of the centres merge garden design and home décor or even better have exquisite and exclusive products created in-house. They bring the vision of the customer to life and that is truly credible. The clients can explore some of the finer things in life.

Gardening Products

So stick with me here and discover the vast range of amazing line of products sold both online or in stores garden stores.

  1. Gifts and décor
  2. Cut flowers
  3. Seasonal items for Christmas or Halloween
  4. Barbecues
  5. Furniture
  6. Home improvement products

Popular Online Gardening retail stores

Did you know that online retailing in home and gardening is well developed in the UK? Online retailers offer a wide variety of products as well as home delivery options. You can receive care tips or get latest garden offers.

Trends in Gardening Stores in the UK

  • More informed customers who seek product improvements
  • Innovations for replacements
  • A desire to use the garden space for entertainment and outdoor dining
  • High household penetration levels

Finally, many undisclosed benefits of gardening are now taken seriously. Climate change has far reaching effect on gardening. Therefore, more drought- proof plants are home grown to fill the gap for eco-friendly products. Gardeners can consider growing fruits from warmer climates. A local garden centre can stock more grapevines, apricots, figs, and loquats.  So consider this email mailing list with many valuable addresses.

Making your home feeling better in summer is an exciting experience. Whether you want to spend time together on the patio, you can find comfortable and durable outdoor furniture for creating space for the living room.